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What kind of an attorney does someone look for when charged with a crime or when the criminal justice system has already let them down? Probably someone who grew up with a passion for representing citizens who have been unjustly charged, wrongfully convicted or incorrectly sentenced.

Jeff Brandt grew up in the inner city and, as a teenager, first witnessed how mistaken identity could shatter a family. When a good friend was mistaken for a criminal, the authorities arrested that friend. The neighborhood’s calls of innocence and for more police investigation were ignored. The young man spent several months in jail before being released. He was happy to be free. But nothing could undo the great damage to his life, his relationships and his future. From that point forward, Mr. Brandt has been focused on fighting for the people too often overlooked in the justice system or those valuable people that society incorrectly presumes to be guilty. As a result, he became an attorney and founded this law firm (originally under the name Brandt Law Offices) in 1999. For more information on Mr. Brandt, including a list of courts where he is licensed to practice, please see Jeff Brandt.

Matt Robinson decided to become a lawyer after learning the difficult lesson that the justice system can sometimes be more concerned with “putting people away” than with justice, truth, or fairness. He learned this lesson early in life when his father was arrested and incarcerated by the federal authorities on his fourteenth birthday. He experienced first hand the overwhelming power of the federal authorities and how the system affects defendants and their families. Since that early experience, Mr. Robinson has dedicated his legal career to ensuring that “justice” is part of the criminal justice system. He joined the law firm in 2000. For more information on Mr. Robinson, including a list of courts where he is licensed to practice, please see Matt Robinson.

Because of our unique perspective, we believe our law firm is surprisingly different than most firms, and it shows in the way we treat, talk to, and respect our clients. We recognize that every good relationship is built on communication. Of course, attorneys like to talk, and any attorney can tell you what to do. We strive to make our representation better by first listening to our clients and merging their story and their point of view with our experience and knowledge of the law and the courts. When an attorney can make legal arguments with the client’s own passion and knowledge of the case, the chances of success should greatly increase.